Thursday, 17 March 2016

Magic Fletcher Grabs Money from the Air.

Magic Fletcher, using the power of self belief and a touch of magic to make money from thin air.
What I love about this clip is that Fletcher is so confident and trusting of Chris P Tee. 

You have to be in this life.

Many adults would not go on stage and perform, but if you are confident and trust yourself, you can make miracles happen.

Yes, of course it's a trick. But the Trick to a Happy Life is Believing in Yourself. Trusting Your Own Abilities and Trusting Others who want to help you.

I am not asking your to be Naive. Quite the contrary. 

You must read, learn, practice, experiment, perform, correct, improve then repeat.  

Anything new is going to be tricky when you try it first, but the more you try, the more your brain learns. Keep going. Do what you love and do it lots and one day people will Pay you to do the thing you love because you do it so well.

Like Plucking Money From Thin Air!