Sunday, 14 February 2016

Find Out How You Can Make Kids Laugh Hysterically

Little Pirate Evie and Her Favourite Colour with Chris P Tee

Little Pirate Evie is a girl who knows what she want. She's outgoing, confident and runs rings around Chris P Tee, just the way he likes it.

Why would a Children's Entertainer want a kid to run rings around him?

Because sometimes, the results are amazing.

If everything happens the way you expect, every time, without fail.
It becomes boring.

When things are mixed up a bit, you are learning. You are improving.

In the video I make out that I am exasperated. I'm loving what she is coming up with. A simple trick is getting far more mileage and I am milking it.

The audience are laughing, I'm happy, it doesn't matter who is getting the most laughs (Evie, obviously) because everyone is having a great time.

It was Evie's big brothers birthday and he was a right card as well. I had a fantastic time with them and some of the kindest comments from parents, who were crying with laughter.

Thanks to the Cub Scouts, I learned a valuable lesson when I was a kid.

"Be Prepared"

Thanks to my Dad, I learned:

"Adapt or Die"

and don't worry if things are going wrong, sometimes, it's for the best.

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