Sunday, 13 August 2017

Roxy is getting bigger, but she's still titchy. #roxy #puppy #puppylove #minijackrussell

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We were at Clifton Car Boot Sale this morning. Thanks to my mate for lending me her motor. Jane drove the Chris P Tee 5 and I went off to my party at 11am. That's more stuff shifted. We are getting there. #chrisptee #clifton #bristol #carboot #carbooty #cliftoncarboot #wombles #recycle #secondhand #preloved #vintage

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Happy 4th Birthday Amy. What a great colour your cake is. #chrisptee #crispymagic #bristolmagician #kidsmagician #birthdaycake #cake #magicminidisco #childrensentertainment #pawpatrolparty #pawpatrol #backwell

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Happy 4th Birthday Eve. What an amazing cake your mummy made. I took this while everyone had food and a rest from all the great dancing. #chrisptee #crispymagic #bristolmagician #kidsmagician #birthdaycake #cake #magicminidisco #childrensentertainment #pawpatrolparty #pawpatrol #digger #jcb #backwell

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Saturday, 22 July 2017

The young pup and the old girl are like mother and daughter. Look at em. #roxy is getting so big and #Sandy has a proper playmate. It's loved to see them play. Totally mad. #puppy #puppylove #dog #dogs #chrisptee

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This set up was too much. Even then there was no extension cable or mic stand. All the Nurseries and schools were different and had lots of doors, steps, long paths, odd parking arrangements and I used this to fine tune my set up. I don't want to be one of these entertainers who spend too much time setting up and packing away. I would rather use that time to chat with the children, who at pre school age are my favourite people in the whole world. I would be happy to spend hours with them, playing and chatting. I have a few more next week and that's it until next year.

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This is the set up that I didn't have fun with. I wanted to be minimal as I was in and out of all different nurseries all day, for the last couple of weeks and a few schools too. This wasn't enough and my case was too full to find anything, which made it backbreaking to carry. #chrisptee #crispymagic #bristolmagician #kidsmagician #bristolmagicman #magicminidisco #birthdaypartymagician #comedymagicshow #nursery #nurserygraduation

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Been busy all week with 3 or 4 nursery graduation parties each day. I made my Magic Mini Disco as minimal as possible. No extension for my Bose L1 Compact, No Extension Cable, No Mic Stand, Case Stand or Extra Case for the Microphone and Cables. This is it. I did go less but I wasn't happy with it. So this is the set up for all my parties and it sounds great, give a nice light show and has everything I need for a funny kids comedy magic show. #chrisptee #crispymagic #bristolmagician #kidsmagician #bristolmagicman #magicminidisco #birthdaypartymagician #comedymagicshow #nursery #nurserygraduation #preschool #preschoolparty

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Amazing time was had by all at Julie's 10th birthday party today. I've done so many shows this week my voice gave up half way through the show. Juliana saved the day by being awesome. Happy 10th birthday xxxx @MagicMiniDisco #chrisptee #crispymagic #bristolmagician #kidsmagician #birthdaycake #cake #lostmyvoice

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Friday, 14 July 2017

This is Jack. He is a dude. That is all. #titanic #chrisptee #crispymagic #bristolmagician #kidsmagician #bristolmagicman #magicminidisco #birthdaypartymagician #comedymagicshow

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Happy 7th Birthday Jack. Honestly one of the nicest, funniest, smartest kids I've met. Mad about the Titanic and there's not a thing he didn't know about it. Very impressed. It was my pleasure to work with you on stage as my Magician's Apprentice. See you again Jack. Magically yours Chris P Tee #titanic #titaniccake #chrisptee #crispymagic #bristolmagician #kidsmagician #birthdaycake #cake #magicminidisco #childrensentertainment #childrensentertainerbristol

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I hope you had a wonderful 50th Birthday my lovely wife Jane. I'm still full up, what a lovely meal we had. Great service too. Can't wait to go back to Tetbury. #magic #chrisptee #selfie

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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Jane's 50th Birthday Cake from #thevintagebirdcage #chocolatecake #cake #birthdaycake #chrisptee #crispymagic #bristolmagician #magic

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Jane had the delicious Lamb. #magic #chrisptee #cotswoldsmagician

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Ribeye steak, love it. #tetbury #cotswoldsmagician #cotswolds #food

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Chicken and Chorizo Salad. Quite delicious. #food #tetbury #chrisptee #cotswoldsmagician #cotswolds

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Enjoying a wonderful meal and drop of the fizzy stuff with my lovely wife Jane on her 50th birthday treat.

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Monday, 6 March 2017

Unlimited Cineworld Code

I've had my Unlimited Cineworld card for almost a year and I Love it.

Ever since the Cineworld opened up in Yate, only a Mile from my house, I'm there all the time. I get to see all the movies I want and I'm already paid up.

Thing is, I've only just realised that I am not sharing the code that can get me another 12 months Membership at no cost. Duh!

So, here it is, if You Sign up and use my code, we Both get a Month Added to our Membership at no extra cost. Brilliant. 

Do you LOVE Movies as Much as I Do? 

​Get an Unlimited Card from Cineworld using this code:


We'll Both get a Month Free when You Sign Up at Unlimited Cineworld.

Monday, 9 January 2017

When To Organise Your Childs Party. NOW!

The First thing you Must do when looking to Hire your Child's Birthday Party Entertainer is Contact Chris P Tee Magician

Why, you May Ask, Should I Contact Chris P Tee Now? I've got plenty of time... I'm just Researching...

Because: 20% of People Hire me 3+ Months before the party date. 

These People are ULTRA ORGANISED, they are like That Anyway, so don't feel bad. Some people seem to have complete control over their life and know what they want. It means that they are the ones who Book the Date and Time and Venue AND Entertainer they want, Guaranteed. It's what being Ultra Organised is all about. If this is Not You, don't worry. It's not me either.

30% Book me 6-8 weeks ahead. 

These People are Organised alright, but they have competition. That Venue they wanted may be available, but the Entertainer May not be, or at Least not at the time, but they can move things around, they have Plenty of time. If they called their Preferred Entertainer FIRST, then all they need to do is find and Venue and there are LOTS of Venues.

40% Hire me 4-5 weeks before the party date. 

You will notice that the Majority of bookings come within this timescale. If that is you, you are in great company. You can't hang about though as 

"The Game is Afoot" and you have Competition. 

You are All trying to find the same thing at the same time. 
The difference is ACTION. Do Not Hang About. 

Do you know the entertainer you want?
Have you seen them in action?
Have you read all the reviews?
Have you been recommended someone?

Whoever the Entertainer is, DO IT, Hire Them NOW! 

Even if they are not available on the day you wanted, but the day before or after. Get Them, Then Get a Venue.

Most Venues are Not Booked.
Most Entertainers are Not Booked.

10% Must be Flexible! 

Last Minute Bookings Happen A LOT.

Either they have been Let Down by some fly by night who broke their promise. Of they have realised last minute that they need Someone to entertain. Or that they have forgot to hire someone. 

Or, to put it another way:
A PARENT with Young Kid's, No Time to Do Anything and in Need of Sleep.


If I am booked already, I will put you in touch with a recommended entertainer who May Be Available and As I Only Work with Professionals, they will do the same if they can't help.

If you have Not got a Venue and you are doing a party at Home. 
EASY, Change the Date to SUIT ME.

If you have a Venue but no Act. 
Try to Change the TIME of the Party and Keep the Day if you need to.

There is always something you can do.

That being. 
Get the Venue.
Get the Invites Out (I print them for you)
Get the Food the Day Before.

CALL ME NOW. I will help you. 01454 858586 / 07976884254
Get the Entertainer you need.

How Much Do I Charge?

Enough to make it worth My While and Make sure that You get a Brilliant Party and Piece of Mind.

Pay Less and Get Monkeys.

Visit Chris P Tee Magician at Magic Mini Disco

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Chew Magna New Millennial​ Hall 360 VR Image

Beautiful hall today in Chew Magna. The stairs would normally be an obstacle, thanks to Blake for helping me make it up and down. Glad he did, I'd have struggled on my own. But look at this place. As Irene Cara once sang. "What a Ceiling!"

Friday, 6 January 2017

Happy New Year

Really, it's taken me all week to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR?

What can I say, I've been busy.

I hope you had a fantastic 2016, I know, let's not go there. My year was amazing thanks to all the great parties I was part of and all the wonderful kids and their families I got to entertain.

Thank you for keeping me busy and I really hope to entertain twice as many this year.

Have a memorable 2017, may everything you need in your life materialise.