Saturday, 20 June 2015



1/ Learn to use the Camera on Your Phone. Hold it Lenthways (Landscape) when filming. Then other people won't think you're a useless idiot who's obsessed with Snapchat and Instagram. (Nothing wrong with either of those, but if you want to watch the video in a few years time with complaining how poor the quality is, use landscape. You can still post it everywhere you need too)

2/ Not Everything on the Internet is True. So don't Quote it, Until you have Properly Researched it.

3/ Nothing is Free. If it is Free, then YOU are the Product!

4/ Nothing is Private. Seriously, you still have a camera looking at you 24/7 and you think it can't be hacked. All anyone needs to do is guess your password... is it 123456 or Password or LetMeIn, or your kids Birthday? When will you learn?

5/ Not everyone needs to know your every move or how you look today. You are Not that interesting.