Friday, 24 June 2016

Chris Doc Strange Interview at BBC Radio Bristol - Listen Now

Big thanks to Steve Yabsley for a brilliant interview today on BBC Radio Bristol. 

I thoroughly enjoyed myself as Chris Doc Strange Comedy Hypnotist. @comedyhypnotistshow @bbcradiobristol 

LISTEN ONLINE Now, I've added it to SoundCloud  I'm on at 26min 50secs

Chris Doc Strange at BBC Radio Bristol

Thursday, 16 June 2016

How to Save Money Hiring a Professional Magician and Childrens Entertainer

Here's the deal. Everyone wants to book a Brilliant Children's Entertainer at the weekend. No other time. There are 7 days in the week, but they only want to hire us on a Specific Saturday.

Yet, they wait until the Last Minute to Call and Wonder "Why is this Entertainer Unavailable?"

Even if they call sooner, some people wonder why we are not working for minimum wage.

Here's a Great Tip if you have a Limited Budget...

Don't Try to Hire an Magician or Entertainer at the Weekend or Last minute. Think ahead and Hire During the Week!

Yes, I know you are at Work and you can't do it. But think about it. If you Can Save More than you would earn in the couple of Hours you Take Off Early, you are quids in.

Especially when the Entertainer (Me) is Happy to Charge Less during Normal Working Times. (Normal for Everyone Else)

Otherwise, think about this. Do you get Paid More to Work at The Weekend? If the answer is Yes, why do you think that is?

Because people don't Like Working Weekends, they Need to be Paid MORE.

The Nature of our business means that we HAVE to Work Weekends, we have NO Choice.

We Have to Fit a Weeks Worth of Earnings into a Day and a Half.

The TOP TIP is this.

"If you want to hire a Professional Anyone at the Weekend, be prepared to Pay and Get a Great Job Well Done.
Otherwise, Do it when it's Less Convenient to You and SAVE!"

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