Sunday, 30 March 2014

Happy Mother's Day Mum

Most of us will be with our Mums today. If we can.

Not everyone is lucky enough to be with their Mum.

Some have passed on.

Today we think of our mums and thank them for all their sacrifices, all the love, all the hard work and determination to make us the people that we are.

If you can't see your Mum today, or any other day. Think of this.

"I wish you could see your mum today, but she is always with you in everything you do.

It's funny how each of our loved ones stay within our hearts and minds everyday.

Maybe a song, sight, sound or chore brings them back for a quick hello.

They're never far from our minds.

I wish you could be here Mum.

We're are only separated by distance. Not thought.

It's the same for those who have gone, passed on, or moved away.

They are just further away, we cannot travel to see them, but we will see them again, eventually.

So we carry on thinking of them, using what we have learned from them, to become better people ourselves.

Each time you think of Your Mum, know that she is thinking of you.

No matter how far, in this life or the next, you are in her heart and mind.

You always have been and always will be.
Near or far. Your Mum Loves You.

Thanks for Everything Mum."