Friday, 21 March 2014

Cold Callers Plan My Wedding UK - WHO?

Wedding Entertainers Beware.

I've had a lengthy call from a company called promising me "A Wonderful Business Opportunity" - DO NOT FALL FOR IT.

They have a website that has less on-line viability than my own. Yet the are charging from £249 for ads.

When I ask a caller "Are you selling advertising?" and they Reply "No, it's a business opportunity" Alarm bells ring.

"oh, but you will be the only service provider of your kind within the radius you pay for"

 Really? Then what kind of a service is that for the Bride to be? She's looking for the most suitable provider in her area and all she finds is the poor sap who's paid to be there. No one else.

"But that means the person who paid gets the gig, right?"

You mean you've not heard of Google? You've never looked at an Ad or Website and gone "Nah. Click"

If I find a "Directory Listing" and there is only One Result, I'm going to a better Directory.

I have checked them out. They've existed less than a year and the call centre that they have hired to promote them through listings, will tell you all sorts to sign up.

Do a search for "Plan My Wedding UK" and you would think they would be number one, right?

NOPE. Nowhere to be seen.

Look at the sites that do show up. They Have CONTENT. They Have A COMMUNITY.
These Jokers have nothing but sales people calling me and calling me RUDE becuase I ask Questions they cannot answer.

Don't waste your time.

If you are going to advertise anywhere, use a website that has thousands of visitors and a thriving community.  Like for example.

Not someone who is flogging links on an unheard of website.

I am so mad that these cold callers Lie to me and sometimes they don't know it. Because they are telling the lies that they've been told to say, thinking it's true.

Keep your money folks, don't get suckered.

But Hey.

Let me know if I am wrong. Tell me if you have found the Perfect Service Provider for your Wedding.

Of if you Advertise with them and you've go nothing but gig after gig of happy wedded folk.

I love a happy ending.