Monday, 9 December 2013

Christmas Parties are Keeping me busy

I'm recovering from very busy weekend of Christmas Parties and Birthday Parties.

I thought I had got over the Flu on Thursday.
All the symptoms had gone, but my body was in recovery mode.

By the time I did my 10am-12pm  children's birthday party on Saturday, I was starting to feel really run down.

The next two parties knocked me for six. I got home at 7.30pm feeling like death warmed up. I had my dinner and got into bed.

I slept until 10am Sunday.

Feeling wonderful again, but my voice has decided to play up.

I took it easy with the two parties I had.

The 1-3pm was almost delayed as there was a road accident with fire engines blocking the only road in, so I drove miles around country lanes to go in the back entrance to find I was only 50 yards on the other side of the crash site.

I hope they are ok.

Made it on time and was made to feel very welcome by the landlady who had organised a Christmas party for the local Children. I entertained the kids and their parents until Father Christmas arrived. To see their little faces light up when they knew he was on the way was worth it. Some of them even saw him flying his Sleigh over the Severn Bridge.

Good eyesight kids!

I'm looking forward to all the christmas parties I have. I'm feeling much better now.